About Carol

I grew up in Monroe, Wisconsin, a small town settled by those of Swiss and German heritage. As a child I enjoyed ethnic treats with exotic names like springerle and speculaas. I took these beautiful edible artifacts for granted. But several years ago I rediscovered the antique molds and recipes for these now, rarely seen cookies. I studied with the best bakers I could find and accumulated 100s of molds from all over Europe and America.

The result of this work is cookies which are delicious, and exquisite in appearance. The stories behind the molds and motifs, adds another dimension to their fascination. Then after seeing some of them decorated with edible paints…wow! I had to push the envelope and take these delicate beauties to a new level. Now you can have your art and eat it too! Or if you really find it too lovely to eat, protect it and enjoy it for years as a decorative artifact. But not to eat them would be missing the best part!